Karl-Heinz Garschagen picture

Karl-Heinz Garschagen

Industrial clerk - Genealogists - Author


Karl-Heinz Garschagen (H175) was born May 4, 1909, Bladenhorst 44579 Castrop-Rauxel. He married Miss Hella Rings in 31 Jannuary 1935, CastropRauxel. Some time of his life he dedicated to complete tha geanology book started by Marie Schiedt in the year 1920. In 1937 Marie Schniedt and Karl-Heinz Garschagen organized the first Garschagen Family meeting that was attended by some 600 members. At the time the Catalog of family members names contained about 1300 items. 

Karl-Heinz Garschagen continued to update the catalog till the second meeting in L├╝ttringhause in the year 1983. At that time the Book was printed in a limited number of copies and contains about more the 2500 names, with birth dates, marriages and childrens.

As stated personally in the first pages of the book "Die Sippe der Garschagen" Karl-Heiny Garschagen expressed the deepest wish that someone of the Family will continue the precious genealogical heritage.